What Is Biophilic Design?

building made out of plants

Biophilic design dates back to the early 1980s, but it’s only recently that this concept has caught on. It derives from Edward O. Wilson’s philosophy of biophila, which hypothesizes that humans have an innate affinity for the natural world. It’s why we become more relaxed and more productive while surrounded by the natural elements. Biophilic… Read more »

The Best Locations for Your Office Plants

office sitting area lined by plants

Indoor office plants can help boost productivity and improve employee morale. But where are the best locations to place them? While you can realistically place plants anywhere in your office, some areas are better than others. Read on to learn more: Access to sunlight Many plants need sunlight in order to grow and flourish. While… Read more »

How Plants Increase Workplace Productivity

How Plants Increase Workplace Productivity

We all want our employees to work as productively as possible. But did you know that a few extra plants around the office could do the trick? According to one UK study, plants can increase workplace productivity by 15%. Another US study found that 10% of employee sick days are due to a lack of… Read more »

3 Basic Tips to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

3 Basic Tips to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

You’ve found the perfect indoor plant for your office. You water it, you give it sunlight, but then one day you come into the office and notice it’s half-dead. What did you do wrong? This scenario is all too common, but thankfully, there are ways to prevent it. Below are three basic tips that will… Read more »

The Best Indoor Plants for Your Office

The Best Indoor Plants for Your Office

Office life doesn’t have to be bleak and boring. You can spice up your office with an array of beautiful indoor plants. Even if your office doesn’t have access to much direct sunlight, there are still many low-light plants that can fill your space. Here are some of the best indoor plants that will flourish… Read more »

How Newer Office Spaces and Buildings are Utilizing Plants as Part of their Decorations/Enhancement

It can be a challenge using plants in modern offices and buildings as these days, modern designs are all about simplicity and clean lines. Plants do not necessarily conform to that as they grow in odd shapes and sizes. Below are some ways to ensure that plants add a creative texture and yet blend in… Read more »

The importance of indoor plants

Recently watching an episode of the popular Shark Tank show on CNBC, I noticed that there are indoor office plants all around their studio (look in the background).  This shows the importance and popularity of having office plants in your workspace. Among many benefits they bring to soften the look of otherwise a sterile room… Read more »

Commercial Holiday Decor

Commercial Holiday Decor

Christmas is a time of fun and festivities. It’s a time of friendship and family. It’s a time of peace and goodwill. But let’s face it – Christmas is also a time of business. Did you know that commercial holiday decor can boost your company’s bottom line? Yes, this is true, and it’s backed by… Read more »

Green Wall Benefits for Commercial Properties

Though new construction typically means a loss of green space, there is an increasing trend toward implementing green systems inside buildings. Green walls – also known as living walls, plant walls, bio walls or vertical gardens – offer plenty of benefits when planted indoors. While the trend has only recently gained much traction, vertical gardens… Read more »

Three Plants for Cleaner Air in Your Office

Office Plants English Ivy

  For the past two decades, we’ve been playing with indoor plants as if they were pretty toys. Everyone encouraged its beauty and suspected their powers to enhance their lives with the doses of happiness for a long time. But have you ever thought how indoor plants can play a vital role in your commercial… Read more »