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How To Bring Employees Back into the Office After COVID 

As we learn to navigate post-COVID life, many employers are rebuilding the attendance structure of their businesses to maximize efficiency. According to a Gallup poll in June 2022, three in ten U.S. workers are fully remote, and it is expected that about 55% of employees will be working hybrid schedules (combination of remote and in-office) by the… Read more »

The importance of indoor plants

Recently watching an episode of the popular Shark Tank show on CNBC, I noticed that there are indoor office plants all around their studio (look in the background).  This shows the importance and popularity of having office plants in your workspace. Among many benefits they bring to soften the look of otherwise a sterile room… Read more »

Commercial Holiday Decor

Commercial Holiday Decor

Christmas is a time of fun and festivities. It’s a time of friendship and family. It’s a time of peace and goodwill. But let’s face it – Christmas is also a time of business. Did you know that commercial holiday decor can boost your company’s bottom line? Yes, this is true, and it’s backed by… Read more »

Green Wall Benefits for Commercial Properties

Though new construction typically means a loss of green space, there is an increasing trend toward implementing green systems inside buildings. Green walls – also known as living walls, plant walls, bio walls or vertical gardens – offer plenty of benefits when planted indoors. While the trend has only recently gained much traction, vertical gardens… Read more »

Three Plants for Cleaner Air in Your Office

Office Plants English Ivy

  For the past two decades, we’ve been playing with indoor plants as if they were pretty toys. Everyone encouraged its beauty and suspected their powers to enhance their lives with the doses of happiness for a long time. But have you ever thought how indoor plants can play a vital role in your commercial… Read more »

The Benefits Of Plants In The Workspace

Office Plants in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Do plants matter? The cumulative body of evidence from over a decade of research on the people-nature relationship provides an unequivocal answer:contact with vegetation, in a variety of circumstances, is highly beneficial to human health and well being. Emerging evidence also suggests that in office settings, exposure to plants and views of vegetation reduces stress,… Read more »

Exterior Plants

If you need exterior plants for your business or commercial building then turn to Foliage Design of Dallas/Ft. Worth. We provide quality solutions for exterior plants including management and maintenance.