Commercial Holiday Decor

Commercial Holiday Decor

Christmas is a time of fun and festivities. It’s a time of friendship and family. It’s a time of peace and goodwill. But let’s face it – Christmas is also a time of business. Did you know that commercial holiday decor can boost your company’s bottom line? Yes, this is true, and it’s backed by research. A study done in retail outlets across the United States and Canada found that when storefronts were illuminated with bright lights, the “notice” rate jumped by at least 9.5%. There were more people who stopped and looked at the store fronts just because of the light display.

What’s at the top of every business owner’s holiday wish list? MORE SALES! It’s no wonder. For many businesses, the holidays are their make-or-break season, often bringing in half their total annual income. Average shoppers generally spend around $700 on gifts and an additional $100 on themselves. With online sales a popular choice among today’s shoppers, retailers can increase traffic and sales by investing in commercial holiday decor. While decorating for the holidays may seem like an extra expense, it can generate more buzz and revenue than you would expect.

Here are five ways commercial Holiday decor can help your business:

Invite More Shoppers – Not many people can’t resist pausing to admire a beautiful display of Christmas lights and decorations. Bright and cheerful holiday decor makes your customer feel invited and welcome into your business and makes them want to stay longer. Keeping your customers or clients longer means increased spending. In fact, you can attract more customers and keep your current customers coming back.

Staying Competitive – Your business, of course, won’t be the only business dressing up with commercial holiday decor. Many other businesses will be doing the same – including many of your direct competitors. So while Christmas decorations can help to give you an edge in your marketing efforts, they can also help prevent you simply from losing ground to competitors.

Increase Marketing – In this age of social media, grand holiday decoration displays are a great way to advertise and market your business through the season. A holiday decor scheme with an abundance of photo ops and beautiful displays are surely to be posted online and shared with friends and family.

Demonstrating Christmas Cheer – Almost everyone gets into the spirit of Christmas. Your commercial holiday decor will show that you’re also in the Christmas spirit. Putting up holiday lights and decorations will get people in the shopping mood as it’s a constant visual reminder that the holiday season has arrived.

Boosting Morale – Christmas decorations will help to make your business a happier workplace. And indirectly, that will also help to boost your business. The holidays can be an especially tough time for retail employees who are slammed with increased traffic and longer hours while dealing with their own holiday stress. Creating a fun atmosphere for your workplace is sure to boost moral and in turn, increase productivity for your company.

So, while decorating for the holidays can seem like an extra unnecessary expense, it is one that more than pays off with increased revenue, happy customers and appreciative employees!  Contact us today to get started on your corporate, retail or hospitality commercial holiday decor that is sure to draw admirers! Don’t miss out on the annual spike in sales that occurs every year from November through December. Transform your marketing campaigns and promotions that spread the holiday cheer and draw in your desired consumer base.

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