Plant Rental Company & Indoor Plant Design Services in Garland, TX

Are you unhappy with the way the inside of your office space currently looks? Freshening it up might be as easy as bringing Foliage Design Systems onboard as your interior landscaping company in Garland, TX. With over 20 years of experience when it comes to indoor plantscaping, we are capable of providing you with everything from live green wall construction to indoor plant rentals that are designed to improve the look and feel of your workplace. Allow us to utilize our plantscaping services to add some life to any waiting room, lobby, conference room, or other area within your building.


Indoor Plants Design, Plantscape Maintenance & Plant Rentals in Garland, TX

Business Plant Design, Installation & Maintenance

At Foliage Design Systems, we don’t just deliver indoor plants to your office and leave you to figure out the rest. When you call on us to bring plant life into your Garland, TX office space, we’ll come up with an entire corporate plant design plan based on your specific needs, including the floor plan we’re working with and the benefits you’re hoping to gain. Once we’ve created a design you love, we’ll send our specialists to your business for plant installation and then provide maintenance services over time, so they always look healthy and lush.

Plant Rentals for Businesses, Holidays and Events

While many of our corporate clients have purchased plants from Foliage Design Systems as part of our plantscaping design services, keep in mind we can also provide simple plant rentals to our clients. If you already have a design in mind or just need a few plants to liven up certain areas of your office, you can rent them directly from us and have us install them for you. Whether you’re interested in plant rentals for the day-to-day of your business, are just looking to invest in plant rentals for holidays, or you have an upcoming event that could use livening up, Foliage Design Systems can help with a wide variety of plant rental packages offered in Garland, TX.


Vertical Garden Systems Installation Company in Garland, TX

Garland Living Walls & Green Walls Construction

If you have a big, blank wall in your office or other commercial establishment, you may just be missing out on a huge opportunity. This wall is a canvas that’s just waiting to be filled with something. You could position artwork on it if you want, but you also have the option of doing living green wall construction and turning your wall into something that’s truly unique. Foliage Design Systems can extend the vertical garden installation services in Garland, TX that you need to transform any wall in your commercial space into something extra special.

Holiday Plant Decorating Rental, Leasing, Sales & Maintenance for Garland, TX

Put your employees in the holiday spirit this year without breaking the bank on decorations! Foliage Design Systems provides holiday plant decorating rental and maintenance services in Garland, TX that are festive and affordable. In the past, we’ve helped decorate malls, hotels, corporate campuses, and even residential homes with Christmas trees, poinsettias, and other holiday plant decorations. We’re also equipped to decorate for a variety of other holidays—not just Christmas. Learn about how we can help you install decorations for Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and more!


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