Indoor Plants Design & Maintenance Company in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

Indoor Plant Company Dallas Texas

Bringing live plants inside workplace adds a breath of life to the space.  With a touch of green you can enhance the aesthetic look of the reception/lobby area or make the stuffy conference room more inviting.  It is proven that people are most optimum when closer to nature so allow our creative design team to bring nature indoors to your workplace.

Our design team will beautifully match the right plants for each space that will awe the employees, clients and visitors to the building. And with the guaranteed maintenance and replacement service you will never have to worry about changing out a plant when it does not look its best.  Our highly trained technicians will visit every week to maintain the plants and do replacements to ensure you get all the benefits of indoor plants.

Indoor Plants for your Business – Waiting Rooms, Reception Areas or Lobbies

We specialize in creating excellent design color bowls that can be placed at your reception lobby, waiting rooms and other areas of your building that will bring admiration from all. Color rotations can also bring look of different seasons in to your office such as adding Bromeliad in winter, Orchids or Azalae in fall and Poinsettias in Christmas season.

Interior Plant Maintenance Company in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas

For more than 20 years, Foliage Design Systems has been servicing some of the largest Corporate Office buildings and high end residential home in Dallas Fort-Worth market.

Our designers have been delivering on our promise to provide unique indoor plants and holiday décor designs that are both visually dynamic yet environmentally friendly. Combined with our technicians who have over 50 plus years of combined experience in taking care of workplace plants.

Benefits of Having a Professional Plant Company

  • Help enhance buildings indoor air quality by naturally reducing airborne pollutants.
  • Employees appreciate that they are working in a caring environment resulting in improved productivity
  • Reduced Absenteeism as employees get a feeling of general well-being and appreciate coming to work in more inviting space
  • Office plants used to reduce noise. Think of plants along the highway to reduce noise and pollution.
  • Make an impression on Clients, Suppliers and other visitors to the building
  • Increased value of your building with better Interior Design